Month 3

I totally forgot to post this!!

Weight: At 10 weeks, Evynn weighed exactly 10 lbs, so I’m thinking now she’s gotta be getting close to 11 by now! We measured her last night and she was 23 inches long!

Health: Evynn had her first cold this month! She woke up the 22nd with a cough! No fever, but a little bit congested, poor girl! She has also had a blocked tear duct in her left eye! It was really goopy on Monday the 27th but looked a lot better today!

Sleep: She’s been sleeping 7 hour stretches from about 10, 10:30 to 5, 5:30. After that I bring her into our bed to nurse her where she stays for the rest of the night. We’ve been trying to move her bed time up earlier, ideally in between 8 and 9. She will have the odd night where she doesn’t have her long stretch and just ends up in bed with us earlier and longer.

Clothes: Finally made the switch to size 1 diapers 1 day before she turned 3 months! They are still a little bit big, but the newborns were getting a little tight around her legs, and sometimes looked like they were barely hanging on! She is still wearing newborn size shirts, but fits 0-3 children’s place shirts and  jammies, some 3 month Carter’s jammies, and pants. The pants are still big around the waist but she fits them in the length, and 3 month Costco Pekkle brand sleepers.

Diet: Still breast milk! She had taken a bottle a few times with Daryn, but now she is refusing it! I want to keep trying it, I really want Daryn to have that time with her!

Likes: On her playmat, there is a long dangling red fox that jingles, she loves to either kick it with her feet or swat at it with her hands. She’s not the only one that likes it, Charlie has been caught a few times trying to make off with it!

She loves to suck her hands, she even fell asleep once sucking her thumb1

I’ve noticed lately while I’m changing her, she kind of likes to be in just a diaper, as soon as I take her clothes off to change her she gets very active, kicking and pumping her arms!

Crying: She still does the huge pouty lip! She is hit or miss with her car seat, sometimes she is happy to just suck her hands while I drive, sometimes she sleeps, other times, she cries the whole time. Still really only cries when she is over tired or hungry. My sister also thinks she has started to make strange.

Milestones: Our first long distance trip to Medicine hat! We drove to Calgary in one day, and the rest of the way the next day. She did pretty good, didn’t fuss too much, but didn’t sleep as much as I’d hoped!

She giggled! I felt like we were so close so many times! I thought she did the night before we left for Medicine Hat, and then she definitely did in Medicine Hat, and Daryn was around to hear it!

Visitors: Daryn’s Zia Lorna, Zio Elio and cousins Melissa and Gio came from Cranbrook for Easter! And while we were in Medicine Hat, Evynn got to meet her Grandad, the rest of her cousins and aunts and uncles! Her cousin Finley absolutely loves her! She was always trying to kiss her and hug her and Evynn would smile at Finley!



Month 2

Weight: At her 6 week check up, she was 9 lbs 4 oz. She didn’t gain as much as she had the 2 weeks before so I was a little concerned about it, but our midwife was not!  And then last week she was 9 lbs 12.5 oz, so gained another 8 ounces in 2 weeks. A full pound in 4 weeks.

Health: Baby Acne on her nose is almost gone, and her rash is finally gone!

Sleep: She’e now sleeping anywhere between 5 and 7 1/2 hours at night, and then she will sleep in 3 hour stretches after that until we get up, usually around 11. I think we are going to start moving her bedtime earlier. She has been going to bed when we go to bed, but I’m thinking it might be better if we start getting her into bed a little earlier!

Clothes: Still wearing Newborn size diapers and she is officially too tall for newborn clothes! She is wearing Children’s Place 0-3 months and that Costco brand Pekkle 3 Month sleepers, she is so tall! We measured her and she is almost 24 inches long! She does still fit newborn onsies though, she’s just tall and skinny, like her daddy!

Diet: Still breastfeeding exclusively. she sometimes will eat for only 5 minutes and than fall asleep, I was worried she wasn’t getting enough, but she pretty much eats every 2-3 hours during the day, so she must be a snacker!

Likes: She likes to sit propped up in the nursing pillow, even though she is probably still a little small for that, and we have started laying her on her activity mat. Her swing has a mirror and she LOVES to lay in her swing and look at herself in the mirror.

Crying: It’s really now only when she is over tired, she has the biggest pouty lip, it’s so cute!

Milestones: Smiling!! March 9th I was 100% positive she smiled for real because she crinkled her nose as well, now she is smiling like crazy, and I swear a couple times we’ve almost had her laughing, once Daryn while was playing with her, and another time I was laughing at him doing the hula hoop on the wii and it was like she was trying to laugh too!

She had her first bottle of breast milk on March 27th, I went in the shower and Daryn gave it to her. Took her a few minutes to get the hang of it!

I also went out and left her home for more than 20 minutes!Aunty Naomi and Alyssa babysat while I went out and got my nails done, and another time, she stayed with Zia Dena for an hour while I took the dogs to the vet!

She has also discovered her hands! She likes to suck on them, and one morning, she sucked her thumb for a few minutes while she was still half a sleep. Usually in the car if she loses her soother, she cries, now she just happily sucks her hands!

She rolled over! On March 27th! She was on her tummy on her activity mat and rolled over on to her back. Now every time I put her on her tummy she rolls to her back, at first it was just to her right but she has gone to the left now too!

Visitors: Aunty Naomi and Alyssa came for another visit! Alyssa is hopefully going to be moving here to go to school!

Postpartum: I have about 8 lbs left to lose and now it’s actually nice enough for me to get out!



Month 1

Baby Evynn is 1 month old! I can’t believe it has already been a month! Well, sort of! She was born on the 30th, but there are only 28 days this month!

Weight: She weighs 8 lbs 12.5 ounces now, she has gained 14 ounces in the last 2 weeks! So she is doing well!

Health: She has a little bit of baby acne on her nose still from birth and a little rash on her chest that our midwife says is totally normal and is just her skin adjusting to her new environment!

Sleep: She sleeps 5-6 hours each night from about 12-1ish to about 6-7ish and then wakes up every 2-3 hours after that! I usually get out of bed around 10, sometimes later, and try and have something to eat and maybe do a load of laundry. It’s been tricky with the dogs, Charlie is generally pretty quiet, but Copper, not so much! And to top it off, he’s very protective of her! So every little noise he hears, he barks!

Clothes: She is wearing newborn size Pampers diapers, and Carter’s newborn size clothes. I almost thought it was time to go up a diaper size, 4 times this has happened to me, twice today where she is laying across my tummy on the nursing pillow and when she pees, it comes right out of the diaper and all over me, and her! But when I tried to put a size 1 diaper on her, it was way to big! Must just be a bad angle and maybe a bad diaper install!

Diet: 100% Milk! We had a little trouble in the beginning, she would fight latching on and push herself off, and I was really sore! But she is doing really well now!

Likes: She loves her soother! We were having issues with her overeating and throwing up but we were hesitant to give her a soother too early, but she loves it and I think it’s helped! It’s also helped that I can now tell the difference between her actually being hungry and not just tired and wanting to suck for comfort. I always just assumed she was hungry so I kept trying to feed her, which would result in a big throw up! I was worried that she may have inherited the really bad reflux problems from her dad’s side of the family, but we don’t think this is the case! Even though the health unit nurse told me babies can’t overeat. I think they can! She also likes her swing, but only for so long, I try to put her in it at least once a day, usually when I try and eat lunch!

Crying: She makes the cutest squeaking noises. We call her Squeaka-squeak. She also has a little cry that we say is her fake cry that she will do sometimes, kind of sounds like laaa! It’s pretty cute! She has the biggest pouty lip too when she is about to cry! She, lucky for us, isn’t a big cryer, only when she is hungry or is getting tired!

Milestones: We went grocery shopping on our own for the first time on Wednesday after her check up with the midwife, she did great! Slept the whole time! Only crappy thing is I had to put her carseat in the basket part of the buggy as I couldn’t see over top of it if I put on top! She usually does pretty good every time we’ve gone out. Sleeps or just is awake and alert and looking around! She once screamed the whole way home after an afternoon of shopping and we had dropped off Daryn to pick up our other car. I stopped once to try and calm her and give her the soother back, but as soon as I pulled back out onto the highway, screaming again! Poor little chicken!

She had her first bath in the baby tub on Valentine’s Days with help from her Aunties!

Visitors: She’s had lots of visitors this month, Nanny, Aunty Andrea, Andrea Naomi and cousin Alyssa came from Medicine Hat. Lots of friends and family from town came to see her!

Postpartum: Starting to feel more and more like myself. Trying to get the courage up to start exercising soon! I’ve lost 26 of the 38 lbs I gained, 12 more to go!


Baby Story

So here we are, 4 weeks later and I still can’t believe that I have a baby! I have been trying to right this post for 3 weeks!

It all started Tuesday, the 28th, my second due date. I was originally given the 27th at my first appointment at 8 weeks based on my last period and my cycle length. I have a 27 day cycle. I was then transferred to a different midwife at my 12 week appointment and she changed my due date to the 28th, based solely on the fact that you usually pass your due date with your first.  So on the 28th, I got up early, at 7:30 to shower and get ready. I had a nail appointment at 8:30 and Daryn had just started a new job downtown so we figured I would drive him so he didn’t have to pay for parking. I know, what were we thinking? I dropped him off just before 8:30, went and got my nails done, headed up to staples to get baby shower invitations printed. I probably walked around that store for over an hour waiting for the girl to figure out what she was doing. After that, I headed to the chiropractor for an adjustment. Then a quick stop at the grocery store to grab some milk and of course oranges. I got home at about 11:30/12ish, sent a text to Daryn joking about how we never considered how he would get home today if something happened… haha, so funny… and then I decided to lay down and have a nap. Just after 2, I remember feeling stronger menstrual cramps that I tried to ignore because I was so tired! Then I felt a little trickle. I figured discharge. I’d had so much lately and it has felt like that before as well. After the second trickle, I started to kind of wake up more. After the 3rd, I figured I better get up and check things out. As soon as I stood up, it kept coming and by the time I got to the bathroom, my pants were soaked. I could’t believe it! I called Daryn, he didn’t answer but texted me right away. My phone in the last couple weeks had been randomly deleting contacts too, and it had deleted the contact for the midwife!! I just remember thinking I hate you iPhone! Luckily Daryn had her number saved in his phone too. I called Rashmi and because at my appointment the day before, baby had moved her head back out of my pelvis, she wanted me to stay laying down until she could come out and check me. Just incase the cord slipped down in front of baby’s head. And when she got to the house, the front door was locked and because our house is basement entry, I had to get up, go downstairs and unlock the door. Daryn got home shortly after Rashmi got to the house, his sister picked him up from work and brought him home. Rashmi checked me out, I was only 1cm dilated but baby’s head had moved back down so we didn’t have to worry about the cord, phew! Rashmi told me to take it easy and get some rest, make sure I ate, etc. She said most people who’s water breaks have their baby within the next 24 hours. I was so nervous and so excited! She left and told us that if nothing had happened by morning, she would check in with us again. Daryn’s mom, sister, and his cousin who lives in out basement suite all came over to hang out. In hindsight, I wish I had kicked them out earlier. If I’d know what was a head, I would have tried to sleep all evening. We ended up ordering pizza and watching the food network all evening. I had the odd contraction, nothing painful or even noticeable to anyone else… hindsight, ones I could have slept through! Everyone left around 9, Daryn and I watched a little more TV and then at 1030 decided we should get to bed incase something happened in the middle of the night. We got into bed and I remember saying to Daryn that tonight was the last night we would go to bed in our bed, just the 2 of us. That was when I actually started to feel scared. Not knowing what was ahead for us was a scary feeling. Daryn fell asleep fairly quickly, I had a harder time, finally started to doze off when my contractions started to get a little stronger. I tried to sleep through them and between them until about 1:30 and then I couldn’t sit still during them. I woke Daryn up at 2 and we started timing them. We had been told to call when the contractions got to a frequency of every 5 minutes, lasting for 1 minute, for a whole hour. They were pretty inconsistent for the first little bit, and finally around 4, they started to get closer together. We thought this was it! Daryn packed the car up, we got dressed and we called Rashmi. She suggested to make sure we were in active labour by going in the shower, I guess sometimes if you change things up while you’re in early labour, it will scare the contractions away. So around 5, I went in the shower. My contractions starting coming every 3 minutes and lasted for 30 seconds. We weren’t sure what that meant, so we called Rashmi back. She thought I might still be in early labour but came out to check me again around 6, this time, only 2 cms. I couldn’t believe it! Contractions again started to come infrequently, so she said again, call her when they got back to the 5-1-1 and try to get some rest. Totally easier said than done! We laid on the couch and I tried to sleep between contractions, I think I maybe dozed off a couple times. Daryn made us some french toast a little later on, and I tried to lay down and sleep between contractions. By lunch time, they were starting to come closer together again and I couldn’t get comfortable, so we called Rashmi again. She suggested a shower again. It did the same thing, brought them closer together, but they were shorter. We called her back and she again came out around 2 and checked me, but because my cervix was still facing backwards, she couldn’t really tell how far I was and it was so painful for me when she tried. But it wasn’t much more than it had been that morning. This time she suggested we call when the contractions got to 4-1-1. And again suggested I get some rest. The next few hours were agonizing, I had some luck with certain positions, for a little while Daryn would sit with a stack of pillows on his lap and I would lay across them during the contractions. But it eventually got to the point were nothing helped and I was in so much pain that I was getting agitated. Walking didn’t help, definitely couldn’t lay down because the contractions were coming in my lower back. By about 5, I think we’d both had it. Contractions were mostly coming every 4 minutes, I’d have the odd one that would give me a little bit bigger of a break, but they intensity was very strong. and I was exhausted. We called Rashmi just after 5 and explained what was happening. She suggested at this point that we maybe head to the hospital, she could check me again and we could go over some options for pain management so that I could get some sleep and be rested for the next phase. I really had wanted to try and avoid any of that, I didn’t like the idea of being numb and not being able to feel anything. Daryn’s mom came with us so that he could drop us at the front and go park the car while she walked me up. We got to the hospital I think just after 6. Rashmi checked me and I had finally made some progress, 5 cms! She gave us a couple different pain options but recommended the epidural so that I could get some sleep, I guess some of the other options didn’t last as long and we weren’t sure how much longer we had. So they called the anesthesiologist.  Waiting for him was agonizing, I’d never thought I’d want pain medication so badly but I could hardly handle it, I could barely breath through the contractions and the laughing gas the gave me really only helped me steady my breathing. I’m not sure what time the anesthesiologist showed up, I want to say like 7/730ish but just before he got there I all of a sudden has this urge to push or go to the bathroom or something, I remember Rashmi saying maybe we didn’t need the epidural and she checked me again. 7cm! We went a head with the epidural in the hopes that I would be able to sleep. I don’t really remember much about getting the epidural, I remember them taping stuff to my back and putting something that was cold on my back. Daryn said afterwards that the was the closest he had ever come to passing out. He hadn’t eaten anything since lunch time, and just all of a sudden got really hot. After that, they had me lay down and try and sleep, I didn’t  at all. I could still feel the contractions although much lighter, and after every contraction, a nurse asked me to rate the pain. And thankfully I could still feel my legs! I had been under the impression that you were completely numb and couldn’t feel your bottom half with the epidural, not the case for me I guess! But I made sure I kept moving my legs, just incase! They had to top up the epidural once around 9 I think as the pain had come back full on by that point. By about 10, I also again had the urge to push. Rashmi checked me again and I was 9cm, she told me I could do little pushes with each contraction. An hour later, I was still stuck around 9/9.5 cms. Daryn was starting to get frustrated too, I remember him saying to me that maybe it was time to do something else, I think he was thinking c-section, and my response was like what?! It hadn’t even crossed my mind that it would be necessary. My midwife consulted with the OB, I’m not sure if the concern was that it had been too long or what, but the OB came and because she could see the head, she gave us the go ahead and said everything looked good. I pushed for almost 2 hours, between just before 11:30 and 1:19 when she was finally born! 7 lbs, 9 oz and 21 inches long! I had pushed on my back, sitting up pulling on fabric that was attached to a bar, and then on my side with my legs on a bar and with each contraction I would have to pull my leg towards me and push. I was so tired through the pushing I remember saying to Daryn that I didn’t think I could do it anymore. I also remember asking Rashmi how many more pushes I had to go and she was always hesitant to answer me! I was just so desperate to be done! I remember the ring of fire, which in all honesty, was not nearly as bad as the pressure I felt elsewhere between pushes. That was the hardest part I think! Daryn was amazing through all of it, I probably wouldn’t have been able to do it without him. He held my hands, fed me water and juice, put a damp cloth on my head and neck. He had originally said he hadn’t wanted to watch but ended up watching and says he is glad he did. When she finally came out, she had the cord around her neck a little bit so Rashmi cut the cord right away and put her on my chest. I remember thinking that she looked so big! My mom had all 8, 9, and 10lb babies except for myself so I was fully expecting her to be over 8 lbs! The only complication with my delivery was my placenta, it wouldn’t come out on it’s own, I got to hold my baby for a couple minutes before they took her, she was having a little trouble filling her lungs, and later, Rashmi told us she felt like the nurse was over reacting slightly. While they worked with her, getting her cleaned up and what not, they were trying to get me to deliver my placenta which would not come out, they ended up me oxytocin to try and get contractions going to get it out and that didn’t work and was painful all over again! I was so sore from laying on my back and on my side that all I wanted to do was stand up. They waited almost 2 hours and still nothing, finally they OB came again and I ended up going up to the OR to have it manually removed, which they put me under for. I woke up with the worst sore throat ever! By the time I got back down to see Daryn and the baby, it was almost 5! I finally got to snuggle my baby! I am disappointed that I missed when she was weighed and measured and we didn’t get many pictures right after she was born, I kept telling Daryn to take pictures, he took about 4 pictures after I went up to the OR. Daryn’s mom had waited at the hospital that whole time, almost 12 hours! She was able to come see baby just after I went up to the OR. Daryn’s dad came just after I got back and visited for a few minutes before taking Daryn’s mom home and heading off to work!  At 6:30, Daryn was asleep in the chair beside me and his alarm on his phone went off 6 times! I had to try and scoot myself to the edge of the bed so I could reach his foot and shook him until he woke up! We stayed in Labour and Delivery until about 8 when they finally moved us to a room on the other side. I didn’t sleep at all for the rest of the day, even though I tried, between visitors, and not having a bassinet at first to lay her down, I was afraid to drift off while holding her!  We ended up going home that night about 10pm. Rashmi came and checked us out and because everything was going well, baby was latching on well, we were able to go home! I was so glad to go home, sleep in my own bed! Our first night at home was a little rough, we were both so tired, and she cried every time we laid her down. We even considered sleeping in shifts! The first couple nights I set my alarm for every 3 hours to check on her, but that didn’t last long! So here we are, 1 month later with a beautiful, healthy baby girl!!

Evynn Natalina-19





Week 40

I’m late getting this published but since I did make it to 40 weeks, I figured I better!

I wrote this last Tuesday (January 28th) and am just now getting around to posting!

My water broke about 2:10 today so I wanted  to get this done before it’s too late! It’s almost 10 now and still nothing regular so we are still waiting!

How far along? 40 weeks, 2 days

How big is baby? 20 in, 7.5 lbs, The size of a small pumpkin!

Total weight gain/loss: 38 lbs (cry)

Maternity clothes? Yup!

Stretch marks? Thought I found one on my belly but I couldn’t tell for sure if it was one or just a mark from my pants.

Sleep: still not great, the worst is just changing positions and my hands hurting during the night!

Best moment this week: being so close to the end!

Movement: She had a couple quiet days but usually by the evening she is her squirmy self again

Food cravings: Oranges!

Food Aversions: Nothing this week!

Anything making you queasy or sick: nothing this week!

Gender: Baby girl 🙂

Labor Signs: lots of Braxton hicks this past week, and then today while laying on the couch kind of half a sleep, I had some stronger ones, but just tried to ignore them, and then I felt a little trickle which I just thought was discharge cuz I’ve had a ton! So I tried to ignore that too, then it happened a couple more times and so I thought I better get up and check it out, by the time I got to the bathroom, my pants and underwear were soaked!

Symptoms:  lots of swelling still, and hot flashes! Not sure if that is a pregnancy symptom or not!

Belly Button in or out? Still in, but really literally just barely!

Wedding rings on or off? My fake ring is borderline too tight now, yikes

Looking forward to: Progress! I’ve been having contractions on and off all day and still nothing regular

Upcoming appointments/events: had an appointment booked for next week and my midwife was gonna sweep my membranes but don’t think I’ll make it!

Milestones: reaching and passing my due date just barely thank goodness! Can’t be much longer now right?

Week 39

How far along? 39 Weeks, 2 days

How big is baby? 20 in, 7.25 lbs, The size of a mini watermelon!

Total weight gain/loss: 37 lbs (cry)

Maternity clothes? Yup!

Stretch marks? I have a ton on my butt but no where else, even the ones I thought I had on my boobs have seemed to have faded or all together disappeared so maybe not stretch marks to begin with?

Sleep: Not the best, can’t stay comfortable and just turning from side to side is a huge task, and my hands get so sore at night that if I wake up to change positions it is very painful to open and close my hands. By the time I wake up, it’s not as bad, and once I get moving, the pain is usually pretty much gone. Last night it woke me up a few times, sometimes I can change positions and only half wake myself up if that makes sense, last night, any time I moved my hands, I woke up from the pain! Midwife says it is carpel tunnel and it is normal because of all the swelling, and am I ever swollen!

Best moment this week: My mom made me a few receiving blankets and a really thick flannel blanket that came in the mail yesterday! I had bought a pack of receiving blankets and just couldn’t get over the terrible quality! I paid 11.99 for the tiniest blankets that are just serged around the edges and when you try to fold them, they sides don’t even line up, it’s like they weren’t cut straight!

Movement: Still there, she does have the odd quiet day which worries me, but I sometimes will just gently poke my belly until I feel her move again

Food cravings: Definitely fruit right now, especially oranges! I got some really good oranges at cooper’s last week, bought more at safeway a few days later and they are not as good! I think I’ll be making another stop at coopers later today for some good ones!

Food Aversions: Nothing this week!

Anything making you queasy or sick: After throwing up last week, nothing to that extent although occasionally I will get flushed and not feel very good for a few minutes and I get all clammy and then it goes away.

Gender: Baby girl :)

Labor Signs: Just the braxton hicks! I did have a little spotting about a week ago, but nothing since.

Symptoms:  Tons of swelling, worse in night and when I first get up in the morning, my feet feel like I’m walking on balloons and to go with that, the carpel tunnel!

Belly Button in or out? Still in, but really literally just barely!

Wedding rings on or off? Real ones off, fake one, still on! I pulled my rings out yesterday and tried to put them on, not a chance, I’m starting to worry they are not gonna fit for quite some time!

Looking forward to: My mom, 2 of my sisters and my niece are coming out here in February, I’m really excited for that even though they are only here for a few days!

Upcoming appointments/events: Midwife again next monday.

Milestones: 6 Days until my due date, hopefully less! I’m ready!

Week 38

How far along? 38 Weeks, 1 days

How big is baby? 19.75 in, 6.8 lbs, The size of a leek!

Total weight gain/loss: I’ve officially hit 35 lbs 😦

Maternity clothes? Yup!

Stretch marks? Nothing new!

Sleep: Not good at all right now, I’ve had 2 nights in a row where I haven’t been able to get to sleep, and then when I do finally feel like I could sleep, I cannot get/stay comfortable. I always go to bed when Daryn goes to bed which last night was around 10:30, I looked at pinterest and did some other browsing online until 1230, and then tried to fall asleep for what felt like hours. When Daryn got up at 6 to get ready for work, I felt like I had just fallen asleep.

Best moment this week: Bought a playpen/bassinet so Peach finally has somewhere to sleep! A friend of Daryn’s from his old job actually gave us a bassinet so we hadn’t planned on buying anything, but because it was blue and green, I thought I would google to see if I could find other bassinet covers for it since it seemed like a standard size. First thing that came up was a recall notice for the bassinet from 2008 for strangulation hazard! I guess because the bassinet could also be used as a co-sleeper and had a bar that folded down and thats where there issue was. The company recalled them all, refunded money and went out of business. I know Daryn’s friend used it for all 3 of their kids, the most recent being born in 2011, but I just couldn’t take the chance, if something happened and we knew about this recall, I could never live with myself. I feel bad, almost like I’m being silly, all their kids were ok, but you just never know! So thus leading us to our purchase! All along, I wanted to get one of the mini Graco Playards, but never seemed to have any luck finding one I liked colour wise. Found one at Target that was 140, but then we also found at Target an Eddie Bauer full sized playpen that they were clearing out for 56.99! They were normally 199.99! But of course with our luck, they had none left!! So we bought a pink evenflo one, that was also clearance, and then headed up to Sears to see if they would match the target price for the Eddie Bauer one. Which they did! Only downfall was the one at Target was black and turquoise which somewhat matched our car seat and stroller, not that it’s a big deal, the one at Sears was all grey, but whatever right, for under 60 bucks, you can’t go wrong!

Movement: I am so paranoid lately about movement, some times I feel like she isn’t moving as much as she should be. She is still moving but the times that she doesn’t makes me so nervous! But I have discovered if I do a little light poking, she will change positions and I will instantly feel relief!

Food cravings: I slowed down on the milk a little bit, but still drinking quite a bit. I feel thirsty all the time and am trying to drink a lot of water but I am kind of craving juice and pop, which we have none of right now so it’s frustrating. I’ve also been craving fruit, especially big naval oranges. I had one every day last week and now I need to get more!

Food Aversions: Nothing this week!

Anything making you queasy or sick: Weirdly enough today, after my midwife appt, I came home and had some lunch, left over pizza and the last of the lemonade, ate that, sat on the couch and started watching tv and all of a sudden felt like I was gonna be sick. I ended up throwing up twice. Haven’t been sick in months! Not sure what to make of it. But all seems to be ok now!

Gender: Baby girl :)

Labor Signs: Still having the tightening on and off, but other than that, unless I’m unaware, nothing else is going on despite my desire to get the show on the road!

Symptoms:  Braxton hicks, and a lot of pain and pressure on my hips and pelvis, some round ligament pain as well. My fingers are still sore every morning when I wake up, apparently could be carpel tunnel! Which I find crazy because all the time I was working, on a computer I might add, I had no issues. Now that I am home all day, this?

Belly Button in or out? Still in, but really literally just barely!

Wedding rings on or off? Real ones off, fake one, still on!

Looking forward to: Baby showing up. I am ready! I’m so huge and uncomfortable, I can’t even fathom if I go past my due date!

Upcoming appointments/events: Midwife again next monday.

Milestones: Only 2 weeks left! (Hopefully!!!)